CGM webCODER is the powerful CGM webTOOL for CGM webPRACTICE that provides medical office personnel and billing professionals with the most accurate and current coding and compliance information available. You will save valuable time and resources, reduce claim denials, avoid unnecessary rebilling costs and assure appropriate reimbursement.

Because CGM webCODER works seamlessly within CGM webPRACTICE, it replaces the time consuming and costly process of manually searching through outdated books and CDs for coding and compliance information. CGM webCODER delivers National Correct Coding edits for bundling and unbundling issues and appropriate use of modifiers in real-time. It also provides up-to-date CMS program memos and other government communications, ICD, CPT and HCPCS information, ICD-CPT linking and RVU sequencing. With rapidly changing rules, regulations, and governmental mandates, CGM webCODER ensures that your billing conforms to best practices and procedures for maximum reimbursement. CGM webCODER will immediately save you valuable time and money.



You can quickly access CGM webCODER within Procedure Entry by clicking Check Codes in the Action Column.

CGM webCODER processes the data you entered in Procedure Entry and displays detailed CGM webCODER Results.