Internet Explorer (IE) Becoming Obsolete

Microsoft has announced that effective February 14, 2023, Internet Explorer (IE) will no longer be accessible. If you haven’t already done so, you should switch to using Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge with CGM webPRACTICE to prevent any disruptions in your workflow.


Prior to using Chrome or Edge, you will need to review the Configuring Google Chrome Settings or the Configuring Microsoft Edge Settings documents to perform settings and learn about the functionality changes.


If you try to use IE on or after February 14, 2023, you will be automatically redirected to Microsoft Edge. You do have the option to use Edge in IE mode (instructions are available in Help under Knowledge Tree > Technical Documents), but the drawback to that is that you could potentially lose out on future CGM webPRACTICE functionality that would only be designed for Chrome and Edge (non-IE mode).