Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA)


As you’re aware, digital security threats are constantly increasing. As a result, so too must our security posture. To add an additional layer of security to help protect your data, we’ll be implementing multi-factor authentication (MFA) when you login to CGM webPRACTICE in the near future.


MFA will be required for every Hosted client but will be an optional function for Self-Hosted clients.


We look forward to providing this enhanced security measure to you in the CGM webPRACTICE 2024.1.0 update release in March 2024. Please watch for the banner message on the CGM webPRACTICE Launch page in the coming weeks, which will include the release date for the 2024.1.0 update.


Although it requires an extra step at login, we understand it’s an additional effort on your staff. We hope you recognize that a higher level of security is worth the small inconvenience. You’re probably already familiar with MFA through the use of other websites or applications, but we’d like to give you an advanced look at what to expect with MFA and CGM webPRACTICE. For detailed information on how to set up, utilize and manage MFA, see Multi-Factor Authentication Instructions.


To prepare in advance of the MFA rollout, each CGM webPRACTICE user should download an Authenticator application to their mobile device. We suggest Microsoft Authenticator or Google Authenticator.


If you are unable to deploy a mobile device application and require an alternative solution, please contact your sales team to discuss using a hardware token provided by CGM instead.