7.3.6 Service Pack Release Notes 04-09-09

List of Programming Corrections

User Desktop







***Did You Know?***

Menu Paths have been added to the top of every page in help to indicate where the function can be found. This helps in finding the NetPracticePM menu if you click a link in one help page that brings you to another help page in a different section of NetPracticePM.

Family and Linking Billing Types
Help is written based on the Patient Billing Type. If your practice was set up as a Family or Linking Billing Type at the time of installation, note that new help sections have been added in Introduction, System Conventions, Patient Registration, Change Patient Data, Review Patient Information and Enter Patient Appointments that describe where these Billing Types differ from the Patient Billing Type.

Minutes for Auto Log Off - Security Control File (System, User Management)
This field is used for the number of minutes you want to elapse before an idle NetPracticePM session is logged off, to prevent unauthorized users from accessing NetPracticePM on a staff member's workstation. The maximum time allowed is 179 minutes. Auto Log Off will also occur if you have multiple sessions open under the same User code. NetPracticePM takes the number of minutes set in the Minutes for Auto Log Off field and divides it by the number of sessions opened with the same User code. For example, if you have Minutes for Auto Log Off set for 60 minutes and you have six sessions opened under the 'MGR' user code, as soon as one of those sessions is idle for over 10 minutes (60 divided by 6), all six of those sessions will be logged off. To prevent this situation from happening frequently, you could set the Minutes to Lock Session field less than the Minutes for Auto Log Off field. This way the sessions would be locked, (requiring only a password to unlock) before, or instead of, being completely logged out of NetPracticePM.

Messages with Multiple Sessions Opened Under One User Code
If you have multiple users logged on with the same User code or multiple sessions open with the same User code, the Info pop-up messages that appear in the upper-left corner of the screen when you do things like send reports to MyReports or populate collections, appear on the first screen that is refreshed. Therefore, if you are waiting for a message, but someone else logged in as the same user refreshes their screen first, they will get the message, and once they click OK, its gone; you wont see the message on your screen.

Community Health Centers (CHCs) Only
New Help sections have been added to assist with NetPracticePM system setup for CHCs (Introduction, System Processes) and the UDS Reports (Reports, UDS Reports).