Review Patient Appointments

With the Review Patient Appointments function, you can view schedules and patient appointments. This function was designed for users that are restricted from scheduling patient appointments but still need to have access to view the schedule. The same functionality is used for navigating and reviewing as in the Enter Patient Appointments function. You will only have access to review schedules and appointments since the remaining functionality has been locked out.

Upon accessing this function, CGM webPRACTICE will display the schedule for the current system date. For detailed information on the Main Scheduling Window and patient appointment information, see Enter Patient Appointments.

NOTE: If you select an appointment for a patient that is currently in a Billing Group or Collection Status that contains a Lock-out password, a message displays informing you of this; but since you are in the Review function, you are not required to enter the password to proceed. You are still able to proceed with the Superbill and the Print functions in the Action Column.