Copy the Case Table

With the Copy the Case Table function, you can copy the Case Code Table from one database to another database.

NOTE: You should only use this function if your tables are set up as 'non-shared'. 'Non-Shared' means that separate tables are stored and maintained for each database. For additional information about 'shared' and 'non-shared' tables, see Tables - Shared vs. Non-Shared.

Upon accessing this function, the Copy the Case Table screen displays containing blank data fields.

Data Field Information
Prompt Response Req Len
From Database Type the database you want to copy the table FROM or select from the Database list. 4
Overwrite Existing If you want to overwrite any existing table codes, select this check box. This will replace all the data previously entered in the table you are copying TO, with the data from the table you are copying FROM. 1