Load ICD-10-CM Codes

With the Load ICD-10-CM Codes function you can import the ICD-10 Diagnosis codes. This function is designed specifically for importing the code set provided by CGM US, so you will not be required to purchase it as you have had to do with prior code sets.
The ICD-10 codes must be loaded into the Diagnosis Code Table prior to using the following functions:  
Upon accessing this function, the Load ICD-10-CM Codes screen displays information about the function. Read and click Proceed.

Select the file you want to load from the Effective Date list. If you want to overwrite the existing Brief Diagnosis Code Descriptions select the Overwrite Codes check box and click Save.

Data Field Information
Prompt Response Req Len
Effective Date Select the effective date of the code set that you want to load. This field defaults to the most current file. 35
Overwrite Codes If you want to overwrite the existing brief diagnosis code descriptions with the descriptions contained in the file, select this check box.

NOTE: You should not select to overwrite the existing Brief Diagnosis Code Descriptions with those provided in the file, unless your Diagnosis Table has not been previously loaded. This function will only extract the first fifty characters of the description provided, which is usually less descriptive than any description you may have manually entered.

This function automatically inserts the Diagnosis Description from the file into the Long Diagnosis Description field, for any diagnosis code that does not already contain text. In the Diagnosis Table, the description will be displayed as five lines of 50 characters each. The first 50 characters of the description will be used as the brief description, if you selected to overwrite the codes. When you use the magnifying glass icon to search the table, you can search the long description for key words.



When the loading of the codes is complete, click Proceed.