Bank Deposit Slip

With the Bank Deposit Slip function, you can print a report that is designed to replace the bank deposit slip you have to manually fill out when making deposits at the bank.

This report can also be printed from the Transaction Journals menu located on the Reports menu.

Data Field Information
Prompt Response Req Len
Deposit Date Type the date you want or click the calendar icon to select a date.   10
Batch Number Type a batch number to print only the transactions within that batch, type '0' to print all non-batched transactions or leave blank to print all transactions.   20
Bank Type the name of your bank. 30
Account # Type the bank account number you will be depositing the money into. 30

Setting up the Payment Code Table
Prior to using this function, this report requires you set up the payment codes for 'Cash' and 'Personal Check' in a specific manner so it can perform the correct calculations. The Bank and Account Number fields will automatically default to the data last entered in them when this function was previously accessed.

This report is also available on the Reports, Transaction Journals menu.

Sample Report
It will print your Bank name and Account Number and includes the total amount of cash and checks collected for the Deposit Date entered. If you enter a check number during Payment entry, the individual payments posted with that check number will be totaled and a single entry will be listed on the report for that check.