Action Column Functions

The Action column contains functions for Store,  History, Add a Case, Check Codes, and CGM webCODER Website which allow you to perform functions usually associated with procedure entry without having to exit this screen.

With the Store function you can temporarily store the procedures you have entered for the patient.

With the History function, you have immediate access to the patient's transaction history in a variety of formats.  If you have questions while entering charges, this allows you to hop out of procedure entry, review the patient's history in detail, and upon exiting the review function, come right back to the procedure entry screen to resume entering charges.

Add a Case
With the Add a Case function you can add a case to patient's account without having to exit Procedure Entry. After you have Saved the new case, the Case field on the Procedure Entry screen will be populated with the new value.

Check Codes
With the Check Codes function you can check the accuracy of the codes prior to saving the procedures, if your practice has a current subscription for CGM webCODER.

CGM webCODER WebSite
You can access the CGM webCODER Website directly from within Procedure Entry, if your practice has a current subscription for CGM webCODER.