Print Walk-out Statement

With the Print Walk-out Statement function, you can print a walk-out statement that will list the procedures posted for a patient for a specified accounting date.

Data Field Information
Prompt Response Req Len
From Patient Type the patient account number you want to start with or leave the text box blank to start with the first account.   20
Thru Patient Type the patient account number you want to end with or leave the text box blank to end with the last account.   20
Accounting Date Type the accounting date you want or click the calendar icon to select a date.   10

Sample Statement
The information that will be included on the walk-out statement is: the accounting date, the superbill number if applicable, the patient name and address, future recall information, the diagnosis codes used for the transactions, each procedure code itemized, the previous balance on the account prior to the selected accounting date, the total charges, payments, and adjustments for the selected accounting date, any adjustments applied toward the previous balance, the new balance, the account aging, the performing doctor and their provider number, the referring physician name and UPIN number and any future appointments.

Only those transactions which occurred on the accounting date selected will be included on the walk-out statement. If any charges, payments, or adjustments are posted for an accounting date that falls after the date you select, those amounts will not reflect or be included in the 'New Balance' amount on the walk-out statement. The account aging on the walk-out statement lists the aging on the account as of today's date and may not balance to the 'New Balance' amount if you select a prior accounting date.