Superbill Inquiry

With the Superbill Inquiry function, you can quickly access the Appointment Inquiry screen for a patient that has already had a superbill printed. Upon accessing this function, you must already know the superbill number you want to look up.

You can print the Appointment Inquiry information, using the Print function in the Action column.

If a superbill has already been printed and you reschedule a patient's appointment, CGM webPRACTICE will retain the original superbill number if you reschedule it on the same day as the original appointment, otherwise it will automatically void the superbill. When you perform an inquiry on a superbill that has been voided, as a result of being either deleted or rescheduled, you will be informed the appointment was rescheduled or deleted and provided the user name of the person that rescheduled or deleted it.

Data Field Information
Prompt Response Req Len
Superbill Number Type the superbill number you want to look up. This superbill must already be printed and defined.   20