Print Service Charge File

With the Print Service Charge File function, you can print a report of the patient accounts that had either a service charge or an interest charge posted to them the last time you performed the Create Service Charges function. You should print this report immediately after you create service charges since you may determine that certain accounts on the report should not have service charges applied to them. You can use this report as a tool from which to reverse any service charges if necessary.

Upon accessing this function, specify the criteria for the service charge file you would like to print.

Data Field Information
Prompt Response Req Len
All or Select Billing Groups Select the Billing Group option you want.   1
Billing Group If you chose to print the service charge file for a Select Billing Group only, then type the code you want or click the magnifying glass to search the table.   3

Sample Report
The information included on the report is: the account number, the patients name, and the amount of the service charge or interest charge posted to the account.