Adjustment Analysis Reports

The Corporate Adjustment Analysis Reports menu provides the following functions for printing adjustment analysis reports for the entire corporation by various sorting criteria:
The reports are generated for a specified month and show the total number of adjustments allocated and the total amount allocated for the selected databases. The same figures for the specified month of the previous year are provided for comparison, along with the total dollar amount and percentage of deviation. The reports also reflect current year-to-date figures and previous year-to-date figures along with the total dollar amount and percentage of deviation. They may be printed in either detailed or summary format and individual adjustment amounts will be included if the summary format is not selected.

If a credit adjustment is posted to an account but is not applied against a transaction, it is considered to be an unallocated adjustment and will not be included in these reports. An unallocated adjustment cannot be included because there is no way to indicate which location or performing doctor should receive credit for the adjustment, since the adjustment is not applied against a transaction.

The allocated adjustments reflected on these reports could be adjustments that were posted during the specified month, or they could be adjustments that were posted during a previous month and were not allocated until the specified month.

Note: One of the criteria for running Corporate Reports is you must 'share' or maintain the same Procedure Code (CPT) Table in every database. If the Procedure Code (CPT) Table is 'not shared' between the Databases, you must manually maintain the same codes in every database. For example, if you add a procedure code in database 2, you need to add it to Database 1 and every other existing database as well.