Management and Accounting Reports

The Reports menu provides the following functions for printing the various types of reports available within CGM webPRACTICE and accessing the Data Management System:
Many of these reports may also be printed from other menus where you would logically expect to find them, for example the Patient Listings are also located on the Patient menu and the Transaction Journals are also located on the Transactions menu.

Since many users in your practice can print reports and they are typically printed on one or two main system printers, it can become difficult to determine which user printed a report. To avoid this confusion, the user code of the person that printed the report and the time it finished printing, will print at the end of each report.

For information about the available output options for reports, see Printing.

For information about balancing your accounts receivable and transactions, see Month-End Balancing Process.

If your practice is a Community Healthcare Center(CHC) or a Federally Qualified Health Center (FQHC), you will also have the UDS Reports menu.