Credit/Small Balance by Reponsible Dr

With the Credit/Small Balance by Responsible Dr function, you can generate a report of patient accounts that have a credit or small balance owing on their account. You can use this report when preparing small balance write-offs and refunds.

Data Field Information
Prompt Response Req Len
Begin with Responsible Doctor Type the code you want to start with or leave the text box blank to start with the first code in the table.   5
End with Responsible Doctor Type the code you want to end with or leave the text box blank to end with the last code in the table.   5
Balances less than $ Type the amount you want to use to determine which accounts will be included on the report.   10
Alpha or Numeric Select the sorting option you want.   1
Include Address Information If you want to print the patient's address information, select this check box.   1

Sample Report
The information included in this report is: account number, guarantor name, patient name, responsible doctor code, date of last visit, and the account balance. Each responsible doctor will print on a separate page. The total number of accounts that were included in the report, the total of the small balances, and the total of the credit balances will print at the end of each doctor's report.

A report summary page will be printed at the end of the report showing the total number of accounts, the small balance total, and the credit balance total per doctor, as well as the grand total for all doctors combined.