Printer Maintenance

With the Printer Maintenance function, you can control the setup of each of your printers in CGM webPRACTICE.

NOTE: If your CGM webPRACTICE server was installed prior to the 7.2.0 Update, prior to activating and using the CGM webPRACTICE defined printers you will need to install a Printing Services program on your CGM webPRACTICE server. For complete instructions, see the entry for Enhanced Printing Functionality under the System Conventions section of the 7.2.0 Service Pack Release Notes.

Upon accessing this function the Printer Maintenance summary screen displays every printer defined in CGM webPRACTICE for every database and every namespace that exists.
To select a printer click anywhere in the row containing the printer information.

After you select a printer, the Printer Maintenance detailed information screen displays containing the data fields for that specific printer.

Data Field Information