Import and Post ERA Files

With the Import and Post ERA Files function you can import, convert, and print electronic remittance files.

Upon accessing this function, the Import and Post ERA Files screen displays. Select the Insurance Form Number that you want to import remits for.

CGM webPRACTICE displays all of the files currently stored in the REMITS directory for that electronic form type. Select the remit file you want to import and convert by clicking anywhere on the row containing the remit information.

The file name and date of the file selected displays at the bottom of the screen. If this is the correct one, click Import in the Action Column; otherwise locate the correct file name and select it. NOTE: If you click Delete in the Action Column, it will delete the selected file from the REMITS directory.

This function takes the specified file from the REMITS directory and converts it into a file that CGM webPRACTICE can use. The conversion process takes place immediately and only takes a few seconds. When the file has been converted, the Printers dialog box displays for you to print the remit.

There are occasions when the remit file that was previously downloaded is corrupt. If this is the case, CGM webPRACTICE will not be able to convert the file and you will have to download the file from the insurance carrier again. You will receive a message indicating the file is corrupt.

Sample Remit