Daily Register to Excel

With the Daily Register to Excel function, you can print the Daily Register to an Excel spreadsheet, which lists all the transactions entered into CGM webPRACTICE during a specified range of dates.

This report can be used to generate a DMS List. To activate this function you will need to add the report to the DMS Report Integration function located on the System, Database Maintenance Menu. This report can also be printed from the Reports, Transaction Journals menu.

Data Field Information
Prompt Response Req Len
Description or Superbill # If you want the description of the procedure, payment and adjustment codes to print, select Description. If you want the superbill number to print, select Superbill #. This information prints in the Description column on the spreadsheet.   1
Print by Date of Service If you want to print the report in transaction date of service order instead of accounting date order, select this check box.   1
Print from date Type the date you want the report to start with or click the calendar icon to select a date.   10
Print through date Type the date you want the report to end with or click the calendar icon to select a date.   10
Print from list If you want to print this report based only on the patients contained in a previously defined DMS List, select the list you want to use. For example, if you want the report only for Medicare patients, you first create a list of all your Medicare patients, then print the daily register report and select the Medicare patient list you just created for 'Print from List'.   20
Batch Number Type a batch number to print only the transactions within that batch, type '0' to print all non-batched transactions or leave blank to print all transactions.   17

When the Printers dialog box displays, select Microsoft Excel via MyReports and click Print.

The screen refreshes to the Transactions Menu. Click Reports in the Action Column and from the Reports Menu click MyReports. Select the report from the summary list. The report should automatically open in Excel, although it may drop into your computer's taskbar. If the report does not automatically open, click Open Spreadsheet in the Action Column. You can then format and manipulate the spreadsheet as needed.