Summary Aged A/R by Default Location

With the Summary Aged A/R by Default Location function, you can generate a report that provides a summary of the aged accounts receivable sorted by default location.

Data Field Information
Prompt Response Req Len
Month for Report Type the month you want to generate the report for in the format of MM-YYYY. This month will represent the ending accounts receivable total on the report.   7
Print From List If you want to print this report based on a previously defined DMS List, click the list you want to use.   40

Sample Report
This following information is included on the report: the beginning accounts receivable total, total charges, payments, adjustments, and refunds for the month selected, the net affect on the accounts receivable, and the ending accounts receivable total for each default location.

NOTE: The Unapplied Payments total represents the sum of the Unallocated Payments and the total of the Re-Applied Payments from the Payment Reconciliation Report.

If any patients have been deleted from the system that had any activity in the month printed on the the report, the totals will not reflect those deleted patients.