Payment Reconciliation Report

With the Payment Reconciliation Report, you can balance the Payment Journal and the Daily Register to the Statistical Payment Analysis reports and the Summary Aged A/R report.

Since the statistical payment analysis reports only reflect the payments which have been 'applied to transactions' and do not list any unallocated payments, the payment reconciliation report is required to provide the necessary figures for balancing.

Data Field Information
Prompt Response Req Len
Month for Report Type the month you want to generate the report for in the format of MM-YYYY.   7

The figures included on this report for the specified month, are: the total payments posted, the total payment amount not allocated, a breakdown of any previously unallocated payments that were allocated (re-applied) during the specified month, and a grand total of the allocated payments for the month.

The information included in the breakdown for any previously unallocated payments that were allocated is: account number, the date the payments was allocated, the line item number on the daily payment journal that reflects where the payment was allocated, and the amount allocated.

The grand total is calculated by taking the total payments for the month and subtracting any payments that were left unallocated at the time of posting. Then, any previously unallocated payments that were applied during the specified month are added to that figure, resulting in the grand total.

The amounts on the following reports should balance and match:
If the totals do not match for all of those figures, contact customer service for assistance.

Sample Report