Cue Card Management Functions

With the Cue Cards Desktop Tool you can create 'note cards' to store and access important information to ensure proper billing or other procedures are followed. You can create cue cards for Billing Groups, Insurance Carriers and Insurance Groups. You can also create cue cards for the 'Other' category, which are generic in nature, but specific to your practice. For example, 'Other' Cue Cards could contain a specific doctor's scheduling guidelines, lists of provider ids, or an internal practice policy or procedure.

Cue Cards can be accessed from every menu, function, and page by clicking Cue Cards in the Action Column. You can also select to display the Cue Cards functionality on the User Desktop. Click Select Patient to select a patient account. Click the Cue Card you want to view.

The Cue Card Management Functions menu provides the Maintain Cue Cards function.

For information on accessing and using the cue cards, see Cue Cards under Introduction, User Desktop Functions.