With the CGM PRACTICE PORTAL Configuration function you can control how CGM PRACTICE PORTAL looks and functions on your website.

Upon accessing this function the CGM PRACTICE PORTAL Configuration screen displays with the standard CGM PRACTICE PORTAL menus and colors.

You can select the Color, Font Family and Font Size. As you select the colors and font, you can review what your selections will look like by clicking Refresh next to CGM PRACTICE PORTAL Review.

NOTE: If you click Reset next to Style Reset, all of the style settings return to the CGM PRACTICE PORTAL standard settings, but they do not stay reset until you click Save; meaning you can click Cancel and when you return to the main CGM PRACTICE PORTAL configuration screen, the colors or styles that you had previously saved are restored.

Click the magnifying glass next to the Color fields to select the colors you want for the different sections within CGM PRACTICE PORTAL.

Click Welcome in the Action Column to add the text for the Welcome message that all CGM PRACTICE PORTAL users will see on the Welcome page.

Click Footer in the Action Column to add the text for the Footer. This field holds 120 characters (including spaces) and a Return is counted as two characters. A message at the top of the screen counts down the remaining characters as you type. If you go over 120 characters, a message displays.

Click Integration in the Action Column functions to access the CGM PRACTICE PORTAL Integration menu. This menu is the same menu that you access from System, CGM PRACTICE PORTAL.