Database Maintenance Menu

With the Database Maintenance Menu functions, you can maintain multiple independent databases. By having multiple databases, you are able to maintain more than one corporation on a single server and have each corporation share the same set of programs. Although they share the same programs, each database maintains their own separate patient accounts and statistic files. To create a new database, you must contact customer service to have the new database created. For information about setting up a new database, see Database Setup Steps.

The Database Maintenance Menu provides the following functions listed in alphabetical order for managing the database setup:
Each database is designated by a number. In order to access a new database, it is necessary to create a user code to sign on to the new database or modify an existing user code to allow them to change databases. The number of the database currently accessed is always displayed in the upper-right corner of the screen after the practice name. For example, 'Eastside Medical (1)'.
Changing Databases
To change the active database, click on the Practice Name in the upper-right corner. Type the database number you want to change to in the Change to what Database field. This can be performed from the desktop window or any menu window.
None of the data entered in one database will ever appear in another database, except for possibly the tables and user accounts. Whether tables are shared between databases or not is determined prior to the installation of CGM webPRACTICE. For information about shared and non-shared tables, see Tables - Shared vs. Non-Shared.