Reset Statistical Files

With the Reset Statistical Files function, you can re-compile statistical figures for a given month. As you post transactions in CGM webPRACTICE, the patient files are updated first, then the audit trail files, and finally the statistical files. If this posting sequence is interrupted for any reason, one or more of these files may not be properly updated.

For example, if someone inadvertently killed a job when the user was in the middle of posting a payment, you might incorrectly presume that everything is fine because you can see that the payment posted to the account and you balance that day. Since the patient files are updated first and the statistical files last, the change may make it onto the patient's account, but gets interrupted before the statistical files are updated. The problem will not be apparent until month-end, when your Statistical Reports or your Payment Reconciliation Report does not balance.

NOTE: This function ONLY affects the statistical audit trail files that are used when generating Statistical Analysis Reports that do not contain patient detail. (Productivity Analysis Reports, Payment Analysis Reports, Adjustment Analysis Reports, and Summary Analysis Reports). If any other report does not balance, resetting the statistical files will not make a difference.

Data Field Information
Prompt Response Req Len
Month to Reset Type the month (MM-YYYY) you want to reset.   7
Reset Procedures If you want to reset the statistical figures for procedures, select this check box. 1
Reset Payments If you want to reset the statistical figures for payments, select this check box. 1
Reset Adjustments If you want to reset the statistical figures for adjustments, select this check box. 1

Click OK when the message appears informing you that the files are recalculating in the background. The job will perfom independently and you do not have to stay in this function until it is complete.

You may continue with other tasks in CGM webPRACTICE and you will be informed when the process is complete. A message will appear in the upper-left portion of your desktop. Note: This message will not appear until the screen is refreshed. What this means is that once the job is complete, if you allow your session to sit idle, the message will not appear until you click on another function and refresh the display.