Patient Referral Menu

The Patient Referral Menu provides the following functions for you to pre-register new patients and to maintain and track the referral records:
When a new patient is registered, CGM webPRACTICE automatically checks the patient referral file to see if there are any matching patient referrals that have been entered as the patient you are currently registering. If a match is found, it will be listed. If the patient listed is the same as the patient you are registering, select it to remove the pre-registered information from the referral file and default it in the appropriate fields during the patient registration process. If the referral selected also contains an authorization record, that record will also become a permanent part of the newly registered patient's file.

The Patient Look-up function used in any of the Patient Referral Menu functions on the Patient menu or the Patient Referral/Pre-registration functions on the Scheduling menu, searches the patient referral file only. If any matches are found it will not list an '(R)' in front of the name because only referral patients are listed. The numbers next to the patient names are 'referral record' numbers and should not be confused with regular registered patient account numbers.