DMS Letter Processor

The DMS Letter Processor provides the following functions for creating and printing letters and documents:
The letters or documents can be used in conjunction with a list and data-filled, which pulls information from the patient's account such as name, address, and account balance. You can generate mass mailings using data filled documents or you can use it as a simple text processor for writing individual letters.

Letters are created using Plain Text or the Rich Text Editor (RTE). Plain Text is a basic text editor. You can use data-fill fields and set up text to print in columns. RTE is a Rich Text Editor for enhanced letter processing. You can insert elements (data-fill fields), insert tables to align text, insert images, use barcodes, and format text.

Prior to using this function you need to know if your system is set up to create letters with Plain Text or with the Rich Text Editor (RTE). All new-client systems are automatically set up with the Rich Text Editor. You can check the format that your system is set up with in the DMS Integration under System, Database Maintenance Menu.