Patient Collections - CGM ECOLLECTIONS Setup

CGM ECOLLECTIONS™ is designed to help you manage delinquent accounts in an efficient manner so you can have your collection letters sent on your behalf while you save time and money!


Features and Functionality


The first step to start using CGM ECOLLECTIONS is to contact your Account Manager to start the activation process and complete the CGM ECOLLECTIONS Client Setup Packet. Samples of the electronic collection form letters are included in the packet for your review. After CGM ECOLLECTIONS has been activated, follow the steps listed below to create, edit, print and send your patient collection letters electronically, and also print statistical and confirmation reports.


Note: If you have not previously used the Patient Collections module, you must complete the Patient Collections Setup and Processing Steps,  prior to completing the following steps.


Step 1. Patient Collections Integration - Confirm the CGM ECOLLECTIONS check box has been selected so you can create your electronic collection letters.


Step 2. Maintain Letters - You create your electronic collection letters. You will need to select the CGM ECOLLECTIONS Letter check box to indicate the letter will be sent electronically. When you click Save, the Maintain CGM ECOLLECTIONS Letters screen displays.  Enter the Document Description and select the E-Letter Type.  There are three E-Letter Types available to choose from; Past Due Notice (1), Second Notice (2) and Final Notice (3). You can create multiple letters using the same E-Letter Type to accommodate multiple collection statuses if needed.


Step 3. Maintain Collection Status Codes - After you have created your electronic collection letters, you will need to add the electronic collection letter Document Name to each applicable Collection Status Code.


Step 4. Print/Send Collection Letters - After you have performed all of the steps in the Standard Steps for the Patient Collections Processing Cycle -  up to Move Letters to Print File and all of the letters are ready to print, use the Print/Send Collection Letters function to initiate the Send process. After you select the Collection Letter you want to send, the Send CGM ECOLLECTIONS Letters screen will display for you to indicate if this is an initial 'Send' or if you are 'Resend'ing letters and you can select a range of patient numbers if needed.


Step 5. Print Collection Letter Statistics - You can print this report to provide a count of the collection letters that were either printed or sent electronically. You can print it for a single date or a range of dates and a summary will print at the end of the report providing a total letter count for each letter.


Step 6. EMEDIX Website - You can access your reports from EMEDIX for electronic collection letters directly from within the Patient Collections menus. A new EMEDIX Website Action Column button has been added so you can access your reports for electronic collection letters from EMEDIX directly from within Work Accounts and Patient Collection Inquiry.


After you have successfully sent the electronic collection letters to EMEDIX, you can view an image of the collection letter from with the patient's Transaction History screen.