Unposted Procedures

With the Unposted Procedures function you can review, print and post charges that have been stored but have not been posted to the account. Charges can be stored on an account manually through the Procedure Entry Function, E-Superbill, CGM webMOBILE, or any interface that provides incoming charges to CGM webPRACTICE.

Unposted Procedures provides the following functions/sections:  
Upon accessing the function, if you selected Sometimes or Always in the Batch Control Integration for Batch Charges, the first screen allows you to select a batch number. If you selected Always, the Batch Number is required. If you do not use batches, the Unposted Procedures Summary screen will display.

Next, the Batch summary screen will display. Click Proceed.

The Unposted Procedures summary screen then displays.

You can put the available columns on this screen in any order, specific to the user, by setting up the preferred order in the Column Selectable Fields menu. If you do not have access to the System Menu, you can click the gear icon in the lower right corner to change your Column Selectable Fields directly from within this function.

NOTE: Since the CPT, Mod, Amt and ICD-10 / Other columns contain multiple values, the values within those entries are not separated when you sort by those columns. That data remains as one piece of data within unposted procedures.  All of the columns are 'sortable', meaning you can click on any column heading to sort the data displayed by that column.

The available columns for this screen are:
Unposted Procedure Error Descriptions
Any issues found on the charges are listed under the patient's name in the Patient Name column in red, italicized font. These claim 'error' descriptions are generated by CGM webPRACTICE and display whether or not you subscribe to CGM webCODER. They let you see at a glance what is wrong with the charges. The majority of these issues can be fixed from within the Procedure Entry Function screen for those charges. To access the Procedure Entry Function screen for the charges, click anywhere in the row containing the charge information.

Auto-Post Charges
Select one or multiple check boxes in the first column to select the charges that you want to post automatically. The Post button at the bottom right corner of the screen becomes available. Click Post to automatically post all selected charges to the accounts.

Manually-Post Charges
To review the charges in detail, from the Unposted Procedures summary screen, select the charge by clicking anywhere on the line containing the charge information. The Procedure Entry Function screen displays. This screen appears and functions exactly like the Procedure Entry Function.

If you click Save, the charges are immediately posted to the account.

If you click Cancel, the Procedure entry not saved message displays and the charges remain stored, untouched, in Unposted Procedures.

If you click Delete, the charges are deleted from Unposted Procedures and cannot be recovered. But, an internal journal file is kept so customer service can troubleshoot any issues with deleted unposted procedures.

You can also re-store any changes you make to the charges by clicking Store in the Action Column.

If, after posting the unposted procedure, you click More in the Action Column, the accounting date stays the same as on the procedures just posted.

Action Column Functions
The Action Column functions available from the Unposted Procedures screen are:

Procedure Entry Function
When you enter the Procedure Entry Function either from the Transactions menu or from the Transactions / Procedures Action Column function in Patient, Change Patient Data, if there are any existing unposted procedures for the selected patient, a list of those procedures display so you can select to post them from this screen. If the charges are posted from within these functions, they are removed from the Unposted Procedures screen.