Patient Collections

The Patient Collections module provides you the tools to enhance the profitability of your practice with an organized and effective process.

NOTE: Prior to using any of these functions, you must perform the Patient Collections Setup and Processing Steps.

The menu functions are listed in the order typically followed in the collection process:  
These functions do not replace the use of third party collection agencies, but they can reduce the dollar amounts that you have to turn over to them.

You can use Patient Collections in a hands-off manner to conduct a collection letter writing campaign, or you can use it as a hands-on tool to work accounts and maintain payment plans for patients. In either case, Patient Collections easily accommodates the turn over of accounts to third party collection agencies through automatic transfer to the collection database and write-off of turned over delinquent balances.

Based on the options you select in Patient Collections Integration, Patient Collections can produce form letters for patients in the collection process. There are also numerous reports to identify where patients are in the collection process and the third party agencies they were turned over to when they left the process.

Note: If you are using CGM ECOLLECTIONS, you can omit the step for Print Collection Letter Labels and add in a step to access the EMEDIX Website function to access confirmation reports for your  electronic collection letters.

Standard Steps for the Patient Collections Processing Cycle